Cave by Louise Kenward

27 August – 30 September, Thurs-Mon 10-5pm ( Sunday 10-3pm)

Pier Shop, Arthur Greens, White Rock, Hastings, TN34 1JU

Regular time was spent each week in the space beyond Arthur Greens between January and June 2011. A no man’s land, non space, a time capsule, limbo, where the debris and detritus of the shop had lain for many years. Time has been spent looking, listening, recording and documenting this cave-like space before moving and selecting objects, clearing debris and arraying ‘treasures’ discovered. Fascinated by the colours textures, and patterns in the cliff face, objects found and brickwork; captivated by the dripping of water on different materials and at different rates; time spent inhabiting this place has been sanctuary and endurance. Another world beyond the back of the shop, the cave has become a magical space, a living breathing place which is explored using light and experience of self.

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