Zoom Image Group

Rob Maxted. JD Bar, Eat@claremont, both in Claremont, Hastings Town Centre, Debenhams café,  Spaghetti Tree, both in Robertson Street, Hastings Town Centre,  We Love Property, London Road, St Leonards,  Beach Hut No. 13, Front Row, West Marina, West St Leonards, White Rock Hotel, White Rock, Hastings Seafront.

itsonlyrob@hotmail.co.uk, www.zoomimagegroup.co.uk, 01424 717542

Zoom is a collective of local visual artists from diverse backgrounds, with ages spanning six decades from 20′s to 70′s, who are united by a passion for experimental, exploratory and expressive approaches to our work.   Influences are the world around us, rural, urban, seaside and internal worlds and memories. 

Zoom started in May 2005 with only 7 photographers, and now has 24 members from all parts of the arts disciplines.  The group receives no grants and thanks all advertisers and supporters.

Louise Etgart, Sandra Everley, Marie Ford, Hilary Gammie, Denise Griffiths, Penny Hobson, Robin Hutt, Jane Irish, Tim Jones, Mike Leale, Rob Maxted, Rick Moye, Katie Nattress, Claire O’Shaughnessy, John Scowen, John Shanks, Hayley Small, Katrina Taylor, Debbie Ward, Laura Wilde, Barbara Williams.

Opening Times: 3 – 4th & 10 – 11th September, Shop Opening Hours.

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