Reckless Sleepers


A String Section

By Reckless Sleepers

Saturday 30 August, 1pm

Stade Open Space


At first glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary in our opening festival performance. A group of well dressed but ordinary women, seated on an array of wooden chairs. Look closer and you will notice each carries a saw.

What follows is a physically demanding and sometimes comedic onslaught of destruction and dexterity! The saw against wood and the laboured breathing of the performers becomes the soundtrack as they try to remain on their chairs while simultaneously sawing them to pieces.

The sawdust, the leftover legs, the half broken chairs, the residue of the action, all become as important as the action itself.

Created by Belgian choreographer Leen Dewilde and Reckless Sleepers Theatre Company, A String Section came about through Dewilde’s desire to destroy objects! Since then, the piece has been made for theatres and now, a large-scale performance involving local participants from the region.

Commissioned by South East Dance for Big Dance 2014. With the support from Coastal Currents, research funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council of England and made with the support of INTEATRO Creative Residency.

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