Melt Down

Performers in Rosemary Lee's Meltdown outside Central Saint Martins in London
Photo: Richard Oliver  

Melt Down

By Rosemary Lee

Sunday 7 September, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm

Alexandra Park. Middle Lawn.


Audiences are asked to gather by The Bandstand.

Quietly and gently, a large group of men gather in the park. They raise their arms overhead and gaze skywards, ready to move. Over the next ten minutes, with a single deep toll of a bell marking each minute, the men slowly, slowly melt to the ground.

Created by artist Rosemary Lee, known for devising large-scale, site-specific pieces with cross-generational casts, Melt Down is a very simple but powerful statement. The image of a large group of men, moving slowly, almost meditatively; conjures up countless images of fragility, tenderness and movement-defying gravity.

Part performance and part human sculpture, the Coastal Currents presentation of Melt Down includes participants from Hastings and the local area performing alongside Rosemary’s regular dancers.

Performers in Rosemary Lee's Meltdown outside Central Saint Martins in London  Square Dances by Rosemary Lee
Photo:Richard Oliver                                                                            Photo: Tony Nandi

Rosemary Lee has been choreographing, performing and directing for over twenty years. Known for working in a variety of contexts and media, she has created large-scale site-specific work with cross-generational casts, solos for herself and other performers, installations and films.

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