Points of View


Points of View

Roz Cran

New commission for Coastal Currents Festival.

Pop-up locations around Hastings, over festival weekends.


Keep your eyes peeled for a candy-striped canvas structure, reminiscent of seaside attractions and Punch and Judy, popping up around town. Akin to a bird hide, with viewing slits at various heights, this structure will be found quietly positioned on the fringes of activity, tempting you to step inside. Once inside, take a moment to view things in an unusual way, change your perspective and perhaps find an unfamiliar focus.

Relationship is central to Cran’s practice. How do we relate to the natural world? To a tree? To a bird? To a stone? To ourselves? How to make time to stop and consider?

Building upon earlier works (Hide, Stone, Tree) Cran creates a space to look out from, to observe and see things differently, sideways, or perhaps to see the world and the people moving about in it, in a less familiar way. This new perspective allows the viewer to see actions somewhat strangely thereby ‘stretching the view’. Roz Cran is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, she lives and works in St Leonards. This work has been commissioned especially for Coastal Currents 2014.


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